šŸŒŸPRE- ORDER šŸŒŸThis masterpiece is completely handpainted and is made inĀ pureĀ Silk. This beautifulĀ black pattachitra saree depicts the RaslilaĀ theme.Ā  The rasa lila takes place one night when the Gopis of Vrindavana, upon hearing the sound of Krishna's flute,Ā sneak away from their households and families to the forest to dance with Krishna throughout the night.In the Krishna BhaktiĀ traditions, the rasa-lila is considered to be one of the highest and most esoteric of Krishna's pastimes. In these traditions, romantic love between human beings in the material worldĀ is seen as a reflection of the soulā€™s original, ecstatic spiritual love of Krishna.

Pattachitra Sarees form a rare esthetic continuum that has never failed to fascinate saree lovers. ... Influenced by different cultures, the evolved Indian style of saree painting is very hard to categorize as a single form of art.

Please note it will take upto 1 monthĀ to make this sareeĀ and deliver to you !!