Woven with fine yarns of mulberry silk, this luxurious Limestone Grey Contemporary Berhampuri Patta saree is not just strikingly beautiful but also uniquely made by the weavers of Ganjam. It will bring out the warmth of your skin and the glow from within. This is a contemporary take on the traditional Berhampuri Patta with the introduction of new design which have been woven into it. Also, interesting patterns of Phoda Kumbha has been woven into this six yards of elegance. 


Contrasting Olive Green, Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Green, Cobalt Blue, Violet and Fuchsia Phoda Kumbha motifs line across both the borders making it an extremely rare piece.💚💙💜❤️ One side border has bigger Phoda Kumbha motifs whereas the other side has smaller ones. This add to the extravaganza. It has an extravagant but sophisticated black anchal lined with small golden minimalistic floral motifs along with other contemporary motifs. 


The Berhampuri Patta saree is unique due to its typical Odissi style of weaving and kumbha, temple type of design. This particular type of weaving was originated over 200 years ago. It's an intricate process, which takes for over 20 days to hand weave one such saree. Let it be an Odia marriage, thread ceremony or any festival, this Berhampuri Patta is considered to be auspicious and holds high cultural and religious values.


Pair this beautiful piece with contemporary oxidised jewellery to make it look extra chic. This one of a kind saree is a fine blend of tradition with sophistication topped off with a hint of elegance.    

It comes with a blouse piece. Length - 5.5 metres, Width - 47 inches.

We request you to kindly check all the details of the saree before making the purchase. For any queries, feel free to contact us by clicking the WhatsApp link. Please also check below the extra information about Care and Handling a pure handloom saree. 


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