Embrace your uniqueness with our special range of Dolabedi sarees. This masterpiece is hand-woven with high quality lustrous mulberry silk by the skilled weavers of Nuapatna, which can awe anyone with its intricate detailing. It also has double borders woven with silver yarns lined with golden coloured temple motifs which add to the beauty of the piece. With a very unique colour, it has small multicoloured butis all over the body of the saree creating a harmonious flow. ❤️💛💚💙💜


Dolabedi sarees are a very time and effort consuming sarees which requires on average about 30 days to weave, this particular pattern is a beautiful inspiration from and dedication to the Dola Utsav of Jagannath Temple. The motifs are inspired from the nature and hand woven beautifully into the saree, with extra weft- a technique very common in Naupatna and Gopalpur. 


This particular saree is a very powerful pick for any wedding, festival or any special events/functions. Add on some statement gold jewellery to make it pop even more. 

This saree is a celebration of the tradition and the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and a true depiction of art.  

It comes with a blouse piece. Length - 5.5 metres, Width - 47 inches.

We request you to kindly check all the details of the saree before making the purchase. For any queries, feel free to contact us by clicking the WhatsApp link. Please also check below the extra information about Care and Handling a pure handloom saree. 

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