The Char Dham (meaning: four abodes) is a set of four pilgrimage sites in India.] It is believed that visiting these sites helps achieve moksha(salvation). The four Dhams are, Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameswaram. It is believed that every Hindu should visit the Char Dhams during one's lifetime.

The body of the Saree is decorated with Brahmakamal flowers with 4 colours buty and the border is designed with ganga jamuna style with lemon deep and purple colours

The top of the anchal is starting with big 7 Brahmakamal flowers, then 3 jalla lines followed by Aayudha of lord Krishna as Sankha, Chakra, Gadda, Padma

The Middle portion of the Anchal is decorated with the famous 4 temples of India together referred to as Char Dham.

The top right represents East/ Puridham.The bottom left represents west/Dwarika dham. The top left represents north/ Badrinath, and the bottom right represents south / Rameswaram

The bottom line of the anchal represents Aayudh of lord Shiva, middle Ganga mataa, Snake, Trishul and Damaru

And lastly the jalla lines are weaved using elephant, birds and flowers motifs

The Saree has been woven using the Jalla technique which is one of the oldest form of Handloom weaving techniques in the country.

This beautiful saree is a rare piece and a completely NEW take on Handloom Silk Sarees.

It comes with a blouse piece. Length - 5.5 metres, Width - 47 inches.

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