Chic ways to drape your saree

Saree is one of the elegant attires which defines the beauty of a woman. It is the six yards of elegance which makes a woman beautiful. But draping a saree is not just a style, it's an art. Different parts of India have their own unique ways of draping a saree which can change the look of the piece completely. Some of these different drapes depend on the occasion or event while others are based upon the regional culture and tradition. Now with modernization, contemporary draping styles of saree have been on trend which are not just trendy but way more practical as well. Following are some of the chic ways to drape a saree that you can try on yourself to look elegant and stylish.

  • Pleated Drape style: This is the most common draping style for the saree. The pleats help in keeping the saree uniform. This draping style works wonder with high neck blouse.

  • Casual Drape style: This draping style is one the best ways to show off a saree. This is the perfect pick if you want to go all glam and flaunt all the details of the six yards of elegance on your body. This draping style also gives a reason to show off your pallu of the saree where the main design is located. 

  • Gujrati Drape style: This style gives a different look for the entire saree. The pallu is taken on the front side. This draping style also showcases your pallu entire design. For an added twist, you can choose to pin the pallu in the centre front or to one side on your waist.

  • Saree with a Belt: This draping style is originally inspired from the south Indian way of wearing a saree with cummerbund. This draping style is a fusion of ethnic modern look. All of you have to do is add a stylish belt to your saree. This will not only give a major transformation to your look but also will help you in moving around easily without getting your pallu stick everywhere.

  • Lehenga Drape style: This draping style is fusion of saree and lehenga. This draping style is generally worn during wedding functions or special occasions. All you have to do is arrange single pleats on the waistline and then take the pallu either regular style or Gujrati style.

  • Bengali Drape style: This particular style has many admirers. All you have to do is take the end of the saree and put it on your shoulder. Adding keys to the end gives it a more exotic look. It is a very simple but elegant drape that can make anyone look very sophisticated.