🌟Pre -Order 🌟 This beautiful intricately handoven Tussar Silk Saree takes one months to make. An entirely BRAND NEW saree with Goti Pua and Odissi dance forms as it's theme. It shows the two famous dance forms of Odisha, Goti Pua and Odissi, woven over Tussar Silk. This represents our undying passion to create beautiful pieces of art to preserve the handloom legacy of our states. 


Woven with yarns of Tussar silk, this luxurious Natural Tussar silk saree is not just strikingly beautiful but also uniquely made by the weavers of Gopalpur. It will bring out the warmth of your skin and the glow from within. This beautiful Vibrant Natural Gopalpur Tussar saree has been specially made which has Goti Pua dance anchal in the vibrant shades.


The border is red in colour and has flowers motifs.The body of the saree has striped pattern to make it look minimalistic but sophisticated. The elegant yet intricate design of this particular saree, woven by the skilled weavers of Gopalpur makes this six yards of wonder extremely graceful.

Tussar silk has a soft texture. It is very comfortable to wear even in summer as it's more porous and breathable in nature. It's very light and soft in structure. Tussar silk sarees are made from silk that is produced from silk worms that breed on wild forest trees, not mulberry trees. They are very delicate and have a natural dull gold sheen to them.

Accessorise it with minimalistic gold jewellery for a party. This is a beautiful saree that can bring out your inner glow.     

It comes with a blouse piece. Length - 5.5 metres, Width - 47 inches.

We request you to kindly check all the details of the saree before making the purchase. For any queries, feel free to contact us by clicking the WhatsApp link. Please also check below the extra information about Care and Handling a pure handloom saree. 


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